Top Round And Oval Coffee Tables 2022

1 Top Round And Oval Coffee Table update 2022
Writen by Ramon Bast | July 27, 2022

When and why should you specify a round or oval coffee table? If you have a curved or round sofa, the obvious pairing would be a round coffee table. You want to mimic those same curves in your living space, so you use repetition in interior design. If you have a squarish seating group, then a round table would look really beautiful there too.

The same applies to an oval coffee table. If your space is longer than it is wide you would specify either a rectangular or an oval table. One of the main reasons why you would specify a round or oval coffee table is that it really softens up the lines of the living space. Everyone can really crowd around the table without specifying a particular side, round just look softer, it's a little bit easier on the eyes, it's more casual, and the best thing about it is that it's kid friendly.

CRATE & KIDS: Rotunda Grey Stained Kids Table

rotunda grey stained kids table with storage update 2022

Starting off my roundup with this rotunda grey stained kids table with storage. This piece is actually from the Creighton barrel kids line. But, I often shop for kids' lines and teen lines for regular living rooms.

The great thing about this piece is that there's this huge tray table on the bottom for toy storage. Of course, you can also put coffee table books, and hydro remote controls, you can even place a basket in there to corral all your junk.

LULU AND GEORGIA: Ada Oval Coffee Table

ada oval coffee table update 2022

Next, we have the ADA oval coffee table. I actually just specified this for a recent client. I love how sculptural and dynamic this looks. You've got the curve legs, you have the curve top, it's just a really best piece that feels right on trend.

It's constructed from solid oak wood and the organic variations in the grain shine through its natural finish. This coffee table would look stunning in a tonal living space with warm neutrals or even high contrast jewel tones.

MCGEE & CO: Navarro Coffee Table

navarro coffee table update 2022

Next, we have this Navarro coffee table. It's just a cool sculptural piece because the top looks like it's a tray and a sculptural pedestal base can be considered an art piece on its own.

MCGEE & CO: Jensen Coffee Table

jensen coffee table update 2022

On the flip side, this Jensen coffee table is a formidable piece. It has a gentle curve and surrounding wooden slats with a really beautiful tobacco wash finish. If you want your living space to feel like you're bringing the outdoors in this coffee table is for you.

CB2: Santoro White Quartz Coffee Table

santoro white quartz coffee table update 2022

Next, we have the solid white quartz table on acacia wood legs. This is another example of mixing finishes that I absolutely love. The richness of the wood contrasted with the lightness of the marble is just divine.

CB2: Purl Rotating Coffee Table

purl rotating coffee table update 2022

This purl rotating coffee table is so chic and eclectic. I could see the styled in so many different types of living spaces. The Italian Mapa burl wood table has a push-to-open storage compartment. You know how I love to hide my junk in plain sight.

Store all your kids' toys in there, extra throws, blankets, and pillows. The storage compartment is large enough to hide a multitude of sins. I especially love that it has a 360-degree swivel so that the compartment can be accessed from any side of your living space.

ANTHROPOLOGIE: Bryant Coffee Table

bryant coffee table update 2022

Next, we have the Bryant black marble coffee table with a lower shelf. I love how the black marble is balanced against reclaimed oak wood on thin cast iron legs. I typically like to leave the bottom shelf unstyled. So, it doesn't feel too cluttered and you can show off the beautiful grain of the wood. This coffee table would look stunning against velvet furniture.

URBAN OUTFITTERS: Claire Coffee Table

claire coffee table update 2022

Next, we have this glass round coffee table. I got rid of all of my glass, but I remember when I used to love having glass in the space. Especially if you live in a studio or small apartment, glass has the ability to reflect more light. It's the easiest finish to clean.

The best thing about it is that it looks like it's barely there. A key designer's tip is to not spend a whole lot of money on glass. This glass and plated brass coffee table goes for 199 and that is such a steal.

WEST ELM: Drum Storage Coffee Table

drum storage coffee table update 2022

Next, we have this drums storage coffee table. Who here can use a little bit more storage in their living room? I love this antique bronze base. It also comes with a brass base but I love the seamless base and body style of the antique bronze. It has a solid mangled wood top that lifts completely up for the ultimate storage compartment.

WEST ELM: Monti Lava Stone Coffee Table

monti lava stone coffee table update 2022

Next, we have this lava stone coffee table. If you don't know what lava stone is it's made from volcanic ash, fiberglass, sand, and stone to create this texture. It looks heavy but it's super lightweight. It's such a great price for something that looks like a single piece of carved age travertine.

ARHAUS: Finnley Round Coffee Table

finnley round coffee table update 2022

Next, we have the finnley round coffee table. Again with the mixed materials, it features hand-finished pine from Finland, paired with a white marble top, zinc alloy hardwood base, and reeded oak detailing. This piece is so on-trend eclectic. It's chic, minimal, and textured. Everything I love in a piece of furniture.

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