Top Nesting Coffee Tables 2022

1 Nesting Coffee Table update 2022
Writen by Sherman Durazo | July 27, 2022

What is a nesting coffee table? A nesting coffee table can come in a set. It's usually a pair of a larger table that's lower to the ground and a smaller table that's higher up. The great thing about nesting coffee tables is that it offers a ton of flexibility.

You can either use one coffee table sitting alone on the other side table as an end table or a side table for an additional lounge chair. You can push them together. You can nest them underneath each other. It's a really great option for you to create a functional and flexible space depending on the size of your living room. If you have a larger living room with a super wide sofa, it's really great for you to pull the nesting tables apart and it offers you multiple surfaces in front of that seating group.

LULU AND GEORGIA: Trio Nesting Coffee Table

trio nesting coffee table update 2022

This trio nesting coffee table is at the top of my list. I actually just sources for a client and I really hope that they pick this. I love how sculptural and organic it feels. I love how the lower coffee table can tuck on either side of the higher one. It has a post-modernist vibe that I'm completely obsessed with at the moment.

FOUR HANDS: Bentley Frame Nesting Coffee Table

bentley frame nesting coffee table update 2022

This chagrin nesting coffee table features antique brass legs with iron curves like a crescent. The smaller scale companion table can be tucked completely underneath the larger one. So, you really don't lose any footprint at all.

POTTERY BARN: Folsom Round Nesting Coffee Table

folsom round nesting coffee table update 2022

This Folsom nesting table comes in desert pine or charcoal but I'm really loving this lighter finish. It's simple, and geometric and it really highlights the inherent beauty of the wood. I even love that the smaller table has this great base feature so that you can hide your remote controls.

WAYFAIR: Stylish Green Nesting Coffee Table

green nesting coffee table update 2022

I stopped dead in my tracks when I found this green nesting coffee table. It features a bold postmodern style that's so sleek and different that the green box table can be placed underneath the black table in different positions. I love how the integrated brass round tray can be used as an oversized coaster for drinks.

You can keep your remote controls tidy, you can even place a plant or flower arrangement there, so you don't need an additional tray. This is such a beautiful piece if you want your furniture to feel like art.

ANTHROPOLOGIE: Nesting Coffee Table

nesting coffee table update 2022

These nesting coffee tables feature slim metal legs and a brass stripe detail on the lower tabletop, and they sit a little bit lower than the ground. This set is perfect for those who have loungy low-to-ground furniture in their space.

MAIDEN HOME: The Bowery Coffee Table Ottoman

barry coffee table and ottoman update 2022

This is Barry coffee table and ottoman is a dream. It features modern lines and plush comfort in this beautifully tailored coffee table plus ottoman combination. You can move this solid ash table completely out of the way and pull the ottoman right up to your sectional or sofa. It comes in over 40 different performance fabrics like chenille, velvet, tweed, and textured linen with six different wood finishes. It provides the ultimate in customization, so you can look for a fabric that matches your existing sofa.

WEST ELM: Marble-Topped Pedestal Table Set

carrera marble top pedestal coffee table and side table set update 2022

This Carrera marble top pedestal coffee table and side table set can be nested in the center of your living room. You can place the additional side tables beside the sofa. You can even break the setup and put the side table next to your accent chair or you can leave it as is and nest them right in the center of your living room.

IKEA: Vittsjo

ikea vittsjo nesting coffee table update 2022

Finally, we have the Ikea Vittjo. I'm pretty sure I'm butchering this name but I'm loving the shape and this price. This black and metal nesting table is only $89. It's the perfect low-maintenance piece for a small apartment or studio. The table tops are tempered glass, they're stain resistant, super easy to clean, and that bottom shelf is two-sided so you can either pick black or brown to match existing decor. Keep this nesting table together in the center of your living space or pull it apart and use it as a single coffee table and end table.

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