Top Square And Rectangular Coffee Tables 2022

1 Coffee Table For Living Room update 2022
Writen by Rogelio Newland | July 26, 2022

We're rounding up the top coffee tables of 2022 including what size and what shape you should buy, what materials and finishes to look out for, and of course all the reasons why. Without further ado let's jump right into it.

How to Measure Your Living Room for the Right Coffee Table

As an interior designer, I shop for a living. I see and source so many beautiful pieces of furniture that I thought I want to share in this article with you. We'll be covering all of the basics. Before I share all my favorite coffee tables, you have to bust out that measuring tape and measure your space first.

That is the most essential and crucial step in interior design. What exactly are you measuring? You're simply measuring the space that you have in front of your seating group. If you only have a main sofa or love seat, you'll be measuring the length and width of the negative space that's right in front of it.

You might have a wall that's adjacent, a stairwell, a hallway, or additional seating in the space like accent chairs and lounge furniture. So make sure that you measure correctly. Measure the length and the width of the space that you're working with.

How Much Space Should Be Between The Sofa And Coffee Table?

sofa and coffee table update 2022

A common question I get asked is how much space should be between the sofa and the coffee table. 16 inches is a sweet spot, but I've placed coffee tables about 12 inches from a sofa before in a small space and even up to 18 inches in a larger space. 18 inches away from the sofa is usually the maximum distance that I would place a coffee table for it to be functional and ergonomic.

Of course, the function of a coffee table is for you to have surface space. You want to be able to set your phone down, a drink down, a booked out, a magazine, and be able to pull it right back to you without reaching so far.

The exception to this distance is if you have additional surface space. You might have an end table on either side of the sofa. You might even have a sofa table that's flanked on the back of the sofa. So, if you have additional surface space, that 16 inches can be a little bit more flexible. In interior design, there are so many shortcuts you can take.

What Size Coffee Table Should I Get?

Another way to figure out the size of your coffee table is to measure the length of your sofa. The size of the coffee table should be proportional to the length of the sofa. It should ideally be within half the length of the sofa to two-thirds the length of the sofa. Any smaller than half, then it will feel too small for the space any larger than two-thirds and it would overwhelm the entire living room.

The Best Height for a Coffee Table

What about the coffee table height? Should be lower than the main sofa seat or higher than the main sofa seat? The correct answer is within three inches of the sofa's seat height. So, you'll take out your measuring tape and you'll measure the height of the sofa seat, not the arms, not the back of the seat exactly where you're seated.

The coffee table should ideally land between three inches lower and three inches higher than the seat height. Now that you know the design roles, you are free to break them with intent.

What Shape Coffee Table Should I Get?

Now that you've measured your space, you know what's left over is the length and the identical. If it is that you will specify either a square coffee table or a round coffee table. Is one side of the space longer than the other side of the space? In that case, you might want to specify a rectangular or oval table to span the length or the width of that negative space.

Top Coffee Tables of 2022

Now let's get into my top coffee tables of 2022. In no particular order, here are the square and rectangular coffee tables that I have been sourcing for clients and loving lately.

West Elm: Ridge Base Coffee Table

ridge base coffee table update 2022

I love the texture on this ridge base coffee table. The legs alone have so much depth and dimension to it and I love that the square top is not a complete square. It has rounded edges so it's definitely kid-friendly.

France & Son: Ward Coffee Table

ward coffee table update 2022

This ward coffee table is a beautiful addition to your warm neutral space. I love that it's nice and wide and has a distressed vintage-looking top. This will be a really beautiful accent piece for your living room if you want to add a warmer cozier vibe.

Burke Dekor: Drake Coffee Table

drake coffee table update 2022

This drake coffee table is a complete square in a reverse pyramid shape. I love the mix of reclaimed woods, it plays up inviting angles with this huge broad recessed top. That little recessed edge on the top gives it just enough distinction to make this piece so unique.

MCGEE & CO: Atkinson Coffee Table

atkinson coffee table update 2022

This Atkinson coffee table is nice and oversized perfect for a larger living room or an open concept space. I'm obsessed with mixed materials and this two-tone oak and the metal mix is so interesting. This table would be a beautiful addition to your space especially if you have a bronze light fixture right above the seating group.

CB2: Alcide Rectangular Marble Coffee Table

alcide rectangular marble coffee table update 2022

Brass is not considered a mainstay in our home and this rectangular marble and brass coffee table really show off that element. We've got a beautiful black marble with a white veining top, cast aluminum legs with a brass powder coat finish. I love how the legs are integrated right into the marble top, so this piece looks sophisticated and refined.

Pottery Barn: Pomona Concrete Acacia Coffee Table

pomona concrete acacia coffee table update 2022

This Pomona concrete coffee table is suitable for indoor or outdoor spaces. It has clean minimal lines and a thick concrete top with a supportive wood base.

Pottery Barn: Concrete Coffee Table

concrete coffee table update 2022

I'm really loving natural materials and here's another concrete table that I am obsessed with. I love that there's an open center and a secondary base that offers a little extra space for storing coffee table books, board games, or even your children's toys. It's made of concrete and steel and it features a hand-applied parchment white finish to the top and sides.

West Elm: Volume Pedestal Coffee Table

volume pedestal coffee table update 2022

This volume pedestal coffee table is featured in a beautiful wood finish. if you have a larger expanse of space, pedestal tables look great. This coffee table would look really beautiful in a home that receives a ton of light.

West Elm: Hazel White Lacquered Table

hazel square coffee table update 2022

This hazel white lacquer table has an engineered wood top solid, poplar wood legs made with FSC certified wood and it's covered in a water-based white finish. This is really beautiful for your living room but it could also double as your kid's play table. The lacquer finish on this table makes it so easy to wipe down with simply a wet wipe.

SCOUT & NIMBLE: Lindy Coffee Table Rialto Ebony

lindy coffee table riatlo ebony update 2022

Ottomans are a little bit tricky to place in the living room without sacrificing style which is why I love this coffee table in Rialto ebony. This coffee table features top soft grain leather, it has traditional tufting and its flat iron legs make it really chic and minimal. I feel like it's such a fashion-forward type ottoman for your living space. The great thing about this coffee table is that if you want to kick up your legs, relax, and lounge, you simply just need to push it up against the sofa and there you go. Leather is a little high maintenance so definitely use a tray or coasters if you're going to be sending drinks on top of this table.


bogart coffee table update 2022

Next, we have the stunning Bogart coffee table. There are two different size options it comes in both 52 inches and 64 inches for your large living room space. Upon closer inspection, you will see the natural grain and beauty of this wood. It has a slotted lower shelf for additional storage and rounded asymmetrical legs. This coffee table comes in three colors but the light tutor which is shown here is my absolute favorite. I love how rich and warm this wood tone feels.

MCGEE & Co: Eleora Coffee Table

eleora coffee table update 2022

Finally, if you're looking for something a little bit lighter in the finish, I love this eleora coffee table. It has a patchwork would top. It's modern, yet substantial but still feels light and airy with that light finish.

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