The Best TV Stands And Media Consoles 2022

2022 Best Tv Stands And Media Consoles update 2022
Writen by Marion Atienza | August 7, 2022

Today, we are sourcing the best TV stands media consoles, and credenzas. If you're currently shopping for a new TV stand or simply updating your old one, this article is for you. Let's start with the first question on everyone's mind, do I need a TV stand?

If you have a television, the simple answer is yes. Nothing makes a room seem more unfinished than a huge TV with nothing beneath it. Especially, if you're not mounting the television of course you'll need something to place it on.

Console Sizes

rule tv stand media console update 2022

Before we jump to the best of the list, let's talk about console sizes. The console size would depend on the size of your television. Now, remember that televisions are measured on the diagonal. So, if you have a 42-inch television, your television is not 42 inches wide. It's actually 42 inches on the diagonal, so of course bust out your tape measure or looks up the specifications online and measure the width of your television.

My general rule of thumb is that the television should be about two-thirds the width of the actual console. Let's say you have a television that's 42 inches and it's actually 39 inches wide. That means, 39 inches is actually two-thirds of the width of the console. So, you would ultimately be specifying a console that's about 54 inches in length. I mocked up a handy dandy cheat sheet for you, so here are the most common TV sizes and the television consoles that I specified for your space.

A 32-inch television is a 29-inch width and I would specify a 44-inch cabinet. For 42 inch TV, that's 36 inches in width and that's a 54-inch cabinet. For 55 inch TV, that's a 50-inch width, I would specify a 75-inch cabinet. 72 inches is actually a standard width for a cabinet or console, so you can give or take a couple of inches. For 65 inch TV, that's 57.5-inch width and I would specify an 86-inch cabinet.

84 inches is pretty standard for a 75-inch TV, it's 66 inches in width, I would specify a 99-inch cabinet. 96 inches or 8 feet or 100 inches is pretty standard on a console. So, you could look for a cabinet size within that range. For 85 inches or more, you're looking at customizing some sort of shelving.

console size update 2022

I do love a good IKEA hack and the best modular system is really the best out there. You can build this look based on your size, your preferences, and your needs, or you could do as I did and purchase multiple smaller cabinets and place them side by side for a custom look.

Of course, this is just my general calculation for the TV size and the console that sits beneath it but your conditions may vary. You always want to consider your space, the width of the actual wall in your living room or bedroom, the height of your ceilings, what you're placing beside the cabinets, I mean there's so much that factor into it.

If you're starting with just a blank wall, a simple television, and a console, these measurements should help guide you. So without further ado here is my list of the best TV consoles and media cabinets.

France & Son: Melburn Media Console

France and Son melburn media console update 2022

First on the list is Melburn Media Console. It comes in two finishes natural mango and black wash. I love the high contrast black and cane combination. Both finishes are really beautiful and can work in a variety of settings.

This mid-century shape gets an upgrade with cane cover cabinet doors for added texture. Even though cane is considered quite trendy at the moment, this natural material has been used to detail furniture since 17th century Europe when it first appeared on the seats and backs of wooden chairs.

Rattan which is a plant found in Southeast Asia is harvested cut and woven to create strong seats and chair backs. This method is called caning the material is actually rattan. A little history lesson here for you along with my assessment of the piece. I love the spacious interior, it has tons of shelving and rear cutouts for cord management. It's functional, stylish, modern, and chic the ultimate combination when it comes to specifying furniture.

IKEA Stockholm

ikea stockholm tv bench walnut veneer update 2022

Next on the list is the IKEA Stockholm. It's a TV bench in the walnut veneer that's simple and modern with a retro mid-century vibe. You can choose to keep the doors or rather hatches open or closed. When folded up, they disappear under the top panel for a sleek design.

The TV bench is clad in walnut veneer over MDF particle board, so it looks and feels like solid wood without the heft or markup. Walnut is super durable and IKEA further coats the surface with a protective coat of lacquer, so that is UV resistant and never fades under direct sunlight.

You can easily hide the cords by leading them between the shelves and out the cable outlets on the underside of the bench. You can also change the height according to your storage needs as the shelves inside are adjustable. The TV bench stays in place on uneven floors because it has adjustable feet. Gosh! I really do love IKEA, they truly think of everything.

West Elm Cascading Top Media Console

cascading top media console update 2022

Next on the list is West Elm's cascading top media console. I am a sucker for burl wood. It's probably the only time that I could get on board with a honey-colored wood finish and still feel like it. It's the ultimate in timelessness and sophistication.

This console from West Elm is crafted from kiln-dried solid poplar wood with a glossy burl wood veneer. There are four cabinet doors with adjustable shelves inside and cable cutouts for cords as well. Burl wood is typically very thick and resists splitting which is why it's often cut into thin layers and used for veneer.

This makes every piece beautiful and unique. You never get the same grain twice which is what makes it so special. It has a very old-school classic Hollywood glam vibe. But, you'd be surprised to see the burl woodworks in so many different styles from mid-century to modern, eclectic, transitional, or contemporary. Look for burl wood whenever you want to make a statement and need a wow piece to finish a room.

West Elm Modernist Wood & Lacquer Shallow Media Console

modernist wood lacquer shallow media console update 2022

Next on the list is this modernist wood and lacquer shallow media console. Another piece from west elm and this one's on sale for $449. It features a light winter wood finish over a solid and engineered wood frame. It's two-tone finishing with a lacquer wood case so it gives off a nice contrast with the matte and glossy vibe.

The brass hardware elevates a simple and refined shape. I especially love that it's super slim and shallow. It's perfect for narrow spaces or it could even be repurposed for your entry foyer.

Amazon Ergode Render Media Console

ergode render media console update 2022

Next, we have Amazon Ergode render media console. It's a small console that's really big in style. I love the slotted panel doors that glide on a concealed track. It's a clever use of space especially since there are no doors to open or close. I love the bull nose edge is such a chic statement-making cabinet that's perfect for small spaces and at $188 it feels like a bargain too.

Wayfair Ansel TV Stand

ansel tv stand update 2022

Next, we have Wayfair's Ansel TV stand. At this price, you should automatically be forewarned that this is not a piece that's made of solid wood or even real wood veneer. It's made of engineered wood over particle board. It has five different finishes to suit any space. It features soft closed glides drawers and it measures 68 inches wide and according to my measurements above it can accommodate TV's up to 60 inches.

Wayfair says, it can accommodate up to 70-inch TVs, but that's if you max out the width, which I don't advise since it feels disproportionate to the space. I feel like it's too much TV and not enough cabinet. There are two shelves and two drawers with metallic pools. You can store board games in their extra blankets and extra pillows, there's also cable management cut out on the back to easily hide wires.

France & Son Libby Media Console

libby media console update 2022

Next on the list is Libby media console. Late 70s style is getting a major play right now and I'm not mad at that at all. I love the modern refresh with gunmetal finished iron that's perforated and rounded. This pill shape is so dank chic and great for households with kids since there are no sharp corners for them to accidentally bump into. The polished white marble top adds some visual contrast and elegance to this piece. I can totally see it in an industrial-style loft or even a contemporary space if you want to add a bit of edge to the aesthetic.

Urban Outfitters Sanna Media Console

sanna media console update 2022

Next, we have urban outfitters sanna media console. It's the perfect storage console to hide all your junk. From gaming gear to books and magazines, blankets pillows, and throws. That's the beauty of a full cabinet with doors. It features carpet curving lines, two shelves, and a cord cut out for your media. It's finished with light ash veneer over MDF to make the natural patterns of the would shine through. I love how the ash wood is showcased in this entire piece since it embodies the entire cabinet. The top, the side, the base, the doors, and even the handles are made out of ash wood which makes it such a unique piece.

Crate & Barrel Rica Grasscloth Dresser By Leanne Ford

rica grasscloth dresser by leanne ford update 2022

Next on the list is Crate and Barrel Rica grasscloth dresser by Leanne Ford. Just a reminder that you can use any type of furniture that has cabinets and drawers for your TV or media console. Leanne Ford needs no introduction but if you don't know who she is. She is this megawatt interior designer who renovates and restores old homes for a living and she does it on TV. She lends her calm cool and effortless style to crate and barrel with a full line of furnishings that I simply die for.

This rica dresser has elements of coaster casual with the grasscloth wrap, but I can see it in any type of setting where you want it easy breezy kind of vibe. I love the curve waterfall frame and the envelopes of the floating set of six drawers. It also has an open shelf that's perfect for storing your cable console or game deck.

Remember that this piece is marketed as a dresser, so you can use it both outside in the living room for your television or repurpose it inside the bedroom for more versatility. The flat grass cloth frontier drawers and the fresh white wash finish give this clean line dresser an airy feel with the natural texture.

Crate & Barrel Enzo 72" Black Media Console with Marble Top

enzo 72 black media console with marble top update 2022

Here's another piece from Crate and Barrel that could not be more different than the last. The Enzo 72-inch black media console with the marble top. It's a modern mix of materials featuring a top of Carrera marble set against a black finish Mindy wood frame.

There are tons of storage space with two closed cabinets on the side and a black metal mesh insert. It opens up to two adjustable shelves each and three soft-close drawers in the center. All black can look a little heavy but this piece feels lighter and elevated with an exposed base on slim tapered legs. This cabinet can be used as a media console in the living room or as a dining room sideboard since the marble top makes it so easy to wipe down and clean.

Reza Media Console

reza media console update 2022

Next, we have the Reza media console. What a beautiful piece of furniture! I love it when I can repurpose statement pieces in any single room of the house and it just feels right. I can see this in the living room as a media cabinet, in the dining room as a sideboard or buffet, the bedroom as a dresser, and in the family room to hide the kid's toys when there's a hefty price tag attached you must love the piece and can visualize it in any room of the house and imagine it making the cut through many moves.

This is directly from the website and I love how they describe this piece. It has mid-century styling with the shaker spirit. Finished in the light smoked honey this clean line periwood console sits on an arch cradle base of toasted acacia. Twist lock metal hardware adds a clever finishing touch. There are also where cutouts for media cord management. So of course, this is made for television.

Amazon Sauder Harvey Park Credenza Media Console

sauder harvey park credenza media console update 2022

Next, we have Amazon's Sauder Harvey park media console that comes in five different finishes. I am very impressed with all of these options. It comes in grand walnut which looks better and warmer spaces, split oak better for cooler color palettes, Pacific maple which is almost a cross between the two a white glacier oak finish along with the black raven oak finish.

But that's not all I like about it. It really has a retro-inspired vibe. There are three drawers with slatted fronts that adds tons of storage for games, electronics, remote controls, video game controllers, and whatever you need to store right within reach. The three open shelves are perfect for your game consoles or cable boxes.

You can also use the divided stores for home decor, magazines, or books. The drawers open and close on smooth metal runners, so it's actually perfect for the family room where your kids can access their drawers easily without a fuss.

Target Peermont Mid-Century Modern Tv Stand

peermont mid century modern TV stand update 2022

Amazon actually has a ton of great deals on furniture and a lot of first-hand accounts and honest reviews. So, you know exactly what you're paying for. I was browsing through target's online site and I was looking for a budget-friendly option, something around $100 that would be perfect for your small space. I found this Peermont mid-century modern TV stand from Christopher night home and it's on sale for $95.

I love the mid-century vibe with a two-tone finish. It has metal shelves with cable access and two closed-door cabinets to hide all of your junk. For such a bargain, you can't expect that this peace will last forever but it does the job with clean modern lines and just enough detail to make it feel special.

That's it for this list about this article would not be complete without me telling you what not to get and why. Definitely, stay away from TV consoles that are made of glass and metal. It collects so much dust you see every single fingerprint and even though they're really inexpensive. You can find one at Walmart, Target, or even Amazon for less than $100. Sometimes you can even find over $50, I would not spend that kind of money.

The courts are always visible no matter what you put on the shelves. It looks chaotic and that's not really the type of vibe that you want for a clean and modern space. So definitely, stay away from glass and metal. Anything here's another example of the TV stand or media console that I would stay away from.

Although I love cane and rattan and I love this pill-shaped piece. The open shelving is just a disaster especially if you're not the tidiest person out there. Open shelving always begs to be styled, so if you're looking for something with minimal effort and low maintenance definitely look for something with close cabinets or drawers.

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