Best Pink Kitchen Ideas 2022

1 Pink Kitchen Color Cabinet update 2022
Writen by Rogelio Newland | July 29, 2022

Gracie's the homeowner and needed some help. So, the kitchen before was fine. It was a white kitchen. She had a really cute teal island. So everything was great, I think what she needed was some help making it more cohesive and she wanted to have new life brought into this kitchen.

I envisioned from the very beginning, that Gracie showed me a rug. It was like an old bath mat with all the pastel colors and that's kind of where we jumped off from. The colors were calming and soothing. I felt like the home's heart wanting her to feel hugged. Starting off with the pink kitchen cabinets. We also want something to complement the countertops and backsplash.

So what would work well with those that would feel like a natural transition? We painted the cabinets a really beautiful subtle pink calamine from Ferrum ball. It's just such a classic pink. It's calming, soothing, and wonderful.

light blue pendants update 2022

Then we paired it with a really nice gold cabinet hardware. We added these really adorable light blue pendants. If we went to white, it would almost appear more bubble gummy. But, if we toned it down with a cooler tone, it just sort of helped bring the pain down.

We added small pops of antique touches, so there's a cute little red and green painting that was hung on the backsplash. I always feel like art should be everywhere, why not put it on the backslash?

We tone things down with the wooden butcher block and the green Roman blind from the drop. It's modern adds that modern touch to sort of break up everything else. So, we're adding color but making sure that it complements each other and then also calms everything down.

dining area update 2022

The dining area is a really sweet little spot. We carry the green into the dining room, so it all kind of compliments and plays off each other and sort of speaks to one another. We wanted to add some pattern to the walls, obviously some wallpaper. We selected a floral pattern, it's not too feminine, some neutral undertones help I think with the overall print but it's still really happy and friendly.

It complements the paint cabinets, it pulls in the green from the Roman blind. There are some gold touches in there, so it sort of again tones it down and picks up on the gold hardware.

Before, Gracie had a table floating in the middle of the space which is fine. But to give a little bit more room to move around and better flow within the space, we moved her table over in front of the window which helps and we anchored the table with a bench on the back.

So, it felt like it wasn't just this floating bench somewhere, the back really helps stabilize and ground the table. The marble top just adds a different texture to the space. It feels lighter instead of something like a wooden table. We grounded the table again too with green chairs that match all the other things that are happening, it just says find a pop of color.

1 pink kitchen color cabinet update 2022

We brought a bunch of styles and married them all together because if it's one style, it can take over but, we added the mid-century modern table, we added the console which is not modern touches the higher gloss lacquer. It's really nice for extra storage. We added a mix of old and new art. It always helps that contrast and you need to create balance by adding many different styles which helps keep it feeling fresh, updated, and interesting. Adds character and gives layers to this space. I think is really important.

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