How Much Viewing Distance For Tv?

How Much Viewing Distance For Tv update 2022
Writen by Leland Haran | August 2, 2022

Does my living need a new big TV set or a small one? I love big screens, can I place a 90-inch TV in a 10 feet deep space? Choosing the right TV for your space can become a bit of a hassle if you don't understand the basics for optimum eye comfort and also some design rules.

There's something very intimate and soothing about having the perfect TV set in your TV room or Entertainment room. This is going to be a space that we use so often and where we'll spend an important amount of time. Whether it is to watch a movie or binge watch a TV series or on the occasional sports game event, you name it! Throwing your comfy socks, a fluffy pillow, a glass of red, and some appetizers accompanied by your favorite show! That's the dream!

how to watch tv together long distance update 2022

Choosing the right TV is not about the brand or the quality of the image or the new features on your smart TV. Mostly it is about how to make that perfect combination and finding that sweet spot that makes the whole room a crowd pleaser and a comfort machine! This by no means is a guide to choosing a particular TV over another. Instead, we'll discuss the basics of any TV entertainment center.

First and foremost as per so many things, size does matter. In this case, we'll be using a simple distance-size rule that follows ergonomics as a guideline. The less distance, the smaller the screen, this has a lot to do with the filling degrees of the field of vision. In other words, how much screen area will be for you to watch without any discomfort?

As a simple example, remember that feeling you get if you sit in the very first row when you go to the movies? Yes! That awkward and uncomfortable sitting where you have to move your head from right to left in order to follow the action on the screen. That very same experience must be avoided. We want to achieve the comfort and ease you get if you sit in the middle of the theater. Not too high, not too low, but just in the very center of the room.

tv viewing distance table update 2022

Say you have a 55-inch TV and you want that same movie theater experience. Well, then you'll need at least 5.5 feet or 1.70mts distance from the screen to get a 40 degrees angle of field of vision, also known as the movie theater fill degree.

The rule is extremely simple, just divide by 10 fold the screen size of your TV. To get the distance, you'll need to sit from your screen. This rule will apply only to visual comfort not to screen resolution comfort.

However, the screen resolution nowadays is nothing to worry about since most TV is 4K, or at least 1080p capable. So, the human eye can see details and enjoy a beautiful picture at a much closer distance.

Now, apart from the distance to the TV from your seat. There's another measure to consider, and that is height. Your screen can't be located at a great height. If you're going to be sitting comfortably on a sofa, your neck will suffer and the experience will be terrible.

So as a rule of thumb will use the height of your eyes as a reference if you're sitting on a chair or sofa. This means that you'll need to measure the distance from the floor to your eyes once in a sitting position, and that will be the height from the floor to the center of the screen of your TV.

Of course, you can vary this height a little bit if needed, but not too much, since it will create discomfort. And as I said, this will only apply when you're sitting. If you're laying down on your bed, this rule won't apply. As a final note, remember the budget always, Smart TVs nowadays can go as pricey as it gets. I hope you got some great resources to shop for your next TV stand media console as always you can shop all of the looks featured in this article.

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