How To Choose The Right Home Desk?

Computer Desks For Home update 2022
Writen by Marion Atienza | August 3, 2022

In this day and age, remote work has become a very important part of life and for some people, it's their favorite kind of job! For this reason, many of us have started to wander around stores for a home desk upgrade or even a first home desk ever.

But once there, we may become overwhelmed with the myriad of options for a simple work table. So today, we'll talk about how to choose the right home desk for your office or home space.

home office desk with drawers update 2022

Height, comfort, smart features, style, finish, sizes and so many different variables to take into consideration before buying this special piece of furniture. Should you buy a prebuilt home desk, like an IKEA solution, or hire someone to build one for you? Should you buy assembly free or disassemble furniture? Let's not get too confused with it.

First and foremost! The size matters, in this case, grab that measuring tape and find out what is the maximum size it can be in relation to your actual space. Let's say that the minimum size for a home desk to be comfortable is 5 feet long or 152 cm and 2 feet deep or 60cm, anything smaller than this will totally feel tight and uncomfortable.

white minimalist computer desks for home update 2022

Having said this, there's an unspoken rule among designers when it comes to working desks, the more surface area, the better. There's nothing more inviting to create and work than having large spaces for that activity! So if you can afford to fill an entire wall with a long desk, go for it! Trust me! It will stand on its own!

Then there's the comfort importance, nowadays you'll find the best possible options in this category, which are the adjustable height desk. So you can comfortably work as well as sitting or standing. These types of desks are the ones we recommend.

wooden desks for home update 2022

However, if you can't work in a standing position for some reason, you should stick with a fixed height between 30 and 35 inches, or 75 cm. This will ensure you have very little strain on your body, especially your back. Also as a side note on comfort, be careful with the material that will be in contact with your skin. It must feel smooth and continuous in order to not harm your arms when working long hours.

We've seen all kinds of crazy desks in stores these days. And in the age of technological advances, the desks are updating every day, you'll find the power outlet, USB ports, HDMI, and many other ports included in the newest desk models, but also the lighting control (if includes lights) and cable management systems, the whole deal! So if you're the kind of person who likes everything tidy and organized perhaps you should consider these smart features. Otherwise, go with a more classical option which may have fewer features but more uniqueness.

work desk for home update 2022

And lastly, the style. It will go more or less in hand with the finish. The style is always better if it can match the aesthetic of your house or at least the style of the room it will be placed in. Now, most of the home desks you'll find are on the modern side of the spectrum but with a little bit more effort and research. You can definitely find old desks for affordable prices.

A home desk can make a huge impact on the mood to be more productive and focus on your job, believe me! I know, there's nothing more disheartening than working on a very uncomfortable desk that feels out of place and does not fit your size at all.

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