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1 Feng Shui For Home update 2022
Writen by Rogelio Newland | July 25, 2022

Today, you are joining me on a brand new feng shui for home. Let's call this feng shui for beginners. If you've ever wondered what feng shui is and how you can apply the rules and principles to your life for greater health, better well-being, and overall bring more positivity into your life this article is for you.

Let's break down the essentials of feng shui and what it is. Feng shui believes that everything surrounding you has intrinsic energy aligned to it. It means your outdoor environment, indoor space, furniture, and belongings.

When these energies align, they can create positive Chi or negative Chi. Chi is how the energy moves through your home and permeates your space. Chi can bring so much positive energy into your life, greater health, greater wealth, and better relationships with your friends and your families. On the flip side, bad Chi can cause negative adverse effects on your life, and do more harm than good. So today I'll be breaking down the basis of feng shui and how you can tell if your home has good feng shui and bad feng shui. Let's get right into it.

Neat, Clean, Tidy, and Uncluttered

neat clean tidy uncluttered feng shui update 2022

The number one way for you to tell if your home has good feng shui is if it's neat, clean, tidy, and uncluttered. Chi needs to flow freely into your home unobstructed by clutter which causes it to go stale and stagnate. The idea that your home should be kept neat and tidy is not a new one. It just means that there's a place for everything and everything is in its place.

Clutter is easy to spot, I mean you go from room to room and you're looking at your surface table tops. Is it pretty much littered with all of your junk or all your personal belongings? If it is just find a spot nearby to house all of your items. It could be tech equipment that's left on your kitchen countertops. All you need is a simple tray to corral all your clutter. Imagine walking into your front entry door. Are the floors clean? Are the surface table tops uncluttered? Is there a valet station for you to drop off your keys, wallet, your sunglasses?

Take a look into your bathroom. Do you have products and toiletries pretty much drawn everywhere? Are the mirrors clean? Are they spotless? These are really simple indicators according to feng shui. Feng shui does not like a messy home. So, the number one way for you to invite better Chi into your home is to simply keep it clean.

Keep Everything Dust-Free

Chi needs to stay vibrant and alive. So, the second way for you to tell your home has good feng shui is if everything is dust free. I know it might not be realistic for you to dust everything daily, especially all of your home decor, and your surface table tops. But, the number one trick that I use in my home to keep everything dust-free is with my Irobot vacuum.

I simply leave it on from room to room and all it takes is about 30 minutes of vacuuming the floor to keep the dust free from the air. If you don't invest in a robot vacuum, a Swiffer is really easy to use. It's inexpensive and you can pretty much purchase it at any store. A microfiber cloth works great as well to keep items dust free in your home.

Entry Is Not Blocked

entry is not blocked update 2022

Another way to tell if your home has good feng shui is that the entry is not blocked. What does this mean? When you walk into your front door, it feels open, airy, and bright. This also means that when you open the front door, no door mats block the entry. You can open the door with ease, no packages, no shoes thrown. About all of your mail and all of those Amazon boxes are neatly put away.

If you open your front door and you don't necessarily have an entry, you kind of just walk into your living space. This also means that you don't have big furniture blocking the entry. Sure, I love to use the back of sofas and sectionals to help carve a clearance and a pathway into my space. But, it doesn't mean that it's blocking the entry door. You want to make sure that the path is wide and unobstructed, so Chi can move freely into your space.

Lighting In The Foyer

lighting in the foyer update 2022

Let's talk about bright lighting in the foyer. This could mean a recessed light and wall sconce. You want to invite better Chi into the space with a bright light. Think chandeliers or pendants, bonus points for a light fixture that has crystal facets on it. Crystal facets allowed Chi to be dispersed into your entire space from every single angle.

Front Door Does Not Directly Lead To Back Door

front door does not lead directly to the back door update 2022

Another way to tell if your home has good feng shui is that the front door does not lead directly to the back door. This implies that all of the Chi that comes into your home will move right into a straight line and right out the back door.

If you have this condition in your space, a helpful way for you to slow down Chi is to put items into its path. You're not blocking the path but you're helping Chi move and meander throughout your space. An indoor plant can help you do this. Drapery on that back door will help slow down Chi and not let it exit right through that back door. Another bright light or a wall sconce can help slow down Chi as well.

Open The Windows

open the windows update 2022

If you have windows in your space, you want to open those windows at least once a day. Chi can become stale in any room when the windows aren't open. Even if you don't leave those windows open all day, every day opening them up once a day could help bring more positive Chi into the space.

Furniture Does Not Block Chi

furniture does not block chi update 2022

How can you tell if your living room has good feng shui? The number one tip is that furniture does not block your entry into the space. Imagine walking into your living room. Do you have a huge sofa on the way? Do you have a big reclining chair that's blocking the entry into the space? If you do, it's time to reassess the layout of the living room.

You want to position furniture in a way where you are in a command position. A command position simply means that when you're seated on the sofa or the largest seating group in the space, you have clear visibility of those walking into this space. The back of your head is now facing the entry. You pretty much have a clear line of sight to the entry into your living space.

If you have an open concept layout and no matter where you're seated in the room, you have clear visibility. That's great! That just means that's the same direction that Chi is going to move through your living room.

Command Position In Every Room Of The Home

command position in every room of the home update 2022

Speaking of the command position. The command position applies to every single room in the home. If you have a home office this means that the desk should not face the wall. If the desk faces the wall and you have to turn around to see who's coming through the entry door, you are not in command.

Floating the desk in space allows you full visibility of those coming in and out. If you have a ton of monitors and you don't like seeing the cables in the middle of the room, you can then position your desk on the same wall as the entry door. This position will still allow you to see who's coming in and out.

In a bedroom, the command position allows you full visibility of the door without aligning your feet straight out the door. You are pretty much putting yourself in a coffin position. So, when you open the entry door, just make sure that your bed isn't aligned with the entry door but rather it should be offset. So that you have clear visibility of the door and you're in command.

Toilet Seat Down And Bathroom Door Closed

toilet seat down and bathroom door closed update 2022

Moving on to the bathrooms. Bathrooms generally have negative implications when it comes to feng shui because that is where all of your waste goes. When you use the toilet, brush your teeth, or when shower, you're pretty much washing all of that waste away. You want to remember two key things. Always keep that toilet seat down. So, Chi doesn't go right down the toilet. Always keep that bathroom door closed. So, Chi can permeate more positive areas in your home.

Mirrors Reflect What You Want More Of

mirrors reflect what you want more of update 2022

Let's talk about the usage of mirrors and feng shui. How can you tell if you're using mirrors in the right way? It's really simple. In feng shui, mirrors are used to double what you want more of. If you have a mirror reflecting your outdoor space and it's filled with really beautiful vibrant trees, a lot of flowers, and a lot of birds, I mean that is just positive energy that you're doubling into your home which will bring more positive Chi as a result. If you have a mirror that's reflecting a bathroom door, clearly you're doubling up that negative energy and you need to take that mirror down stat.

Another taboo is a mirror reflecting a bed. A bedroom is all about restful Yin energy. It's a place for you to relax and unwind. Mirrors have active Yang energies, so that counteracts everything that you're trying to do in a place of rest.

If you have an empty corner of your home that feels stale, stagnant or doesn't get a lot of bright light, that's also another great location for a mirror. Placing a mirror in that stale corner can introduce a little bit more brighter energy into the space. So that's gonna help positive Chi come and permeate.

Lush Greenery and Fresh Flowers

lush greenery and fresh flowers update 2022

If your home is filled with fresh greenery, fresh flowers, and really beautiful lush vibrant indoor plants that is a great indication that your home is filled with positive Chi. That means no dry flowers, no pressed flowers, no home decor with dried flowers in it, and no pressed flowers on your artwork or your walls, you pretty much don't want to use any type of dried flowers in your space.

I get a lot of questions on whether or not pompous grass is considered a dead dried flower. There's going to be mixed reviews on this. But this is my personal stance. Even though pompous grass has been cut and dried in your space, it's still really fluffy, voluminous, and lush. So, even though it has been cut and dried, it still mimics the look of the actual fresh flower. So, I feel as though Pappas grass can be used in your home without any negative implications.

Artwork Depicts What You Enjoy

artwork depicts what you enjoy update 2022

Another way for you to tell if your home has good feng shui is that the artwork in your home depicts scenes that you love and enjoy. If it's abstract artwork and you love the colors, and you vibe with it, that has great feng shui implications.

If the artwork is simply something that you picked up at your local home goods. It doesn't mean anything to you. You kind of just plopped it on the wall. There's no meaning behind that. So it could have negative effects.

Let's talk about artwork in the bedroom. Remember that the bedroom is all about Yin's restful energy. You don't want anything active in the space. This means no running water, no wild animals, no active scenes, and no bright bold colors that feel active in the space. Reds, oranges, and yellows are very vibrant and have a lot of energy attached to it. So those are great for your living room, and dining room in your kitchen, but not so great for the bedroom where it's all about peace and calm.

I get a lot of questions about water scenes in the bedroom. Can you use artwork that depicts water in the space? The general rule of thumb is no in feng shui because water is active energy. However, the one loophole around using water season in your bedroom is if it's still water. There's a huge difference between having a tidal wave in a beach scene versus a still lake and a mountain landscape. Tune into how you feel about that water scene. If it feels calming, restful, and rejuvenating, then you can use it in your bedroom.

While we're on the topic of artwork, you don't want anything large and heavy hung above your head. In the bedroom, this means a large piece of artwork that's hung right above your head. In the living room, this could be an art piece that's hung right above the sofa where you're resting your head. This simply implies that you don't feel secure in that position. So you want to be considerate about where you're hanging large pieces of artwork. It should always be in a position where you have full visibility. This means the art piece is in front of you and it's never behind you.

The exception, in this case, is if it's a large canvas piece of artwork. Since canvas is light, you want to make sure that you reinforce it behind the wall. You also want to hang it high enough. So that when your head is leaned back, you're not touching the bottom of the canvas.

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