How To Plan A Bedroom Layout

Bedroom Layout Design update 2022
Writen by Sherman Durazo | July 25, 2022

This article is all about planning and designing the perfect bedroom layout from start to finish. Here are the exact steps I take when planning a bedroom project for a client.

Sketch Out The Room And Measure The Space

The first step is to sketch out the room and measure the space. You don't need anything fancy to do this. All you need is a blank white sheet of paper and a pen and just sketch out the room. You want to take into consideration all of the door openings and the windows. So that you could purchase window treatments and also note all the door clearances, the furniture doesn't get in the way.

Measure Your Bed And Place It In The Space

The second step is to measure your bed and place the bed in the space. You might want to use a bed as a focal point. In this case, you would center the bad on the command wall in your bedroom. The command wall has everything to do with feng shui and how Chi enters your space and permeates it. So that you feel more positive and uplifted in the space.

Determine The Function And Demarcate Zones

bedroom layout ideas update 2022

Next is time to determine the function of the bedroom and demarcate the zones. Clearly as you can see, this bedroom is probably about twice the size of most bedrooms. So, sometimes the function can be unclear when you have so much space to work around.

Prioritize Your Needs For Furniture And Storage Options

Judging from what's happening in the space. Let's talk about the primary function and needs. You need to take inventory of what is currently existing in the space and try to determine your needs and function from that.

Every bedroom needs nightstands are a huge priority. You need a nightstand so that you have a surface tabletop to set something down on. It could be a glass of water, it could be your phone, or it could house table lamps that give you a little bit more ambient or task lighting.

To me, nightstands are absolutely essential not only for the function of having a surface tabletop that's next to your bed, but it could also provide additional storage if you need that. You'll need to measure the area that you have for nightstands. In this case, you want to measure the negative space that is next to the bed.

Measure The Space For Potential Items

Since you already have the space completely measured out, you'll need to measure all of the potential furniture that's coming into the space as well so you know exactly where to place it. This means measuring the crib, measuring a chair, measuring a lounge chair seating, sofa an end of bed bench pretty much whatever you can fit in the space you need to measure it all out.

Measure The Windows For Treatments

bedroom layout update 2022

Next comes measuring the windows for window treatments. You always want to determine the function of the window treatments first. So you can decide whether or not shades or blinds, curtains, or heavily lined drapery panels are the solutions to your issues.

Not only do you need to measure the length, width, and depth of each window opening. You also want to measure the length from the wall to the wall. This will also help you determine how far those window treatments span from the left and the right of the window opening.

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