Bedroom Design Ideas: A Magic Carpet Ride

Best Bedroom Design update 2022
Writen by Celine Flom | October 10, 2022

Regarding the topic of illumination, light fixtures of the future will incorporate energy-gathering capabilities. Consider the possibility of carpets that can take in light and transform it into usable energy. Even though the carpets we use today are not necessarily intelligent energy generators, they still have other magical properties. They have the potential to provide a bedroom with a character that is tactile if they are used correctly to counterbalance the bedroom's sharp lines.

For instance, if you finish off the room with a large rug, it can give it a very heartwarming feel. To get the most out of the effect, make sure the carpet is big enough to create a border of at least sixteen inches around your bed. This will help the effect be more noticeable. This will allow the bed to stand out as the centerpiece of the room while also adding layers that are plush and inviting to the space. What do you think of that as a trend for the master bedroom?

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