Bedroom Design Ideas: Illusions By The Window And Flooring For Illusions

Window And Diagonal Flooring For Future Bedroom update 2022
Writen by Gala Tousignant | October 10, 2022

In the future, screens that can be changed will not only be embedded in windows and walls; other surfaces will also be included. Additionally, the flooring will be customizable to accommodate our tastes. Imagine that you can create an illusion of grass, flowing water, or an image of any floor covering of your choosing. Use flooring to create the illusion of a different kind until such imaginations become a reality.

Consider laying your flooring in a diagonal pattern to create the illusion of a longer space. This works well with any material, including porcelain, ceramic, vitrified, stone, and hardwood. If the corners of your room do not square off the floor design, you can fool the eyes into thinking they have traveled further by making diagonals appear longer than lengths.

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