Wall Decor For Rental Apartments

1 Wall Decor For Rental Apartments update 2022
Writen by Sherman Durazo | August 5, 2022

This time, I'll show you 6 ways you can decorate that boring white lifeless wall, without having a permanent change. These tips are perfect for rentals since everything is completely detachable.

I get it, you started your decor very excited and you bought some furniture, but later this happens. An empty wall you don't know what to do with. So bad. Everything is going great until you face that empty wall and you're out of ideas. So, let me show you that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. This time, I'll use 3D software to represent every example, so don't judge on the low quality.

wall decor for apartments update 2022

So, let's start with the space, this pretty apartment with high potential. Look at those textures. So far this person has done a beautiful job with the arrangement of the living room. Two big windows, and here we go! The wall. That empty white wall that makes everything sad.

So the first thing that comes to my mind is filling up this wall with photo frames. For this, I can pick the same size of the frame and equally distributed, very symmetrical. This is a very easy and safe option.

Well, you might be wondering about drilling the wall and all, let me tell you, there are options to not perforate the wall. Whit magnets or double-sided tapes. This option works really nice for tidy and well-organized people.

wall decor ideas for apartment update 2022

I made this black and white series that can perfectly be in colors if you like. And as it can be very symmetrical and organized, it can also be the opposite. A totally different version, which is an arrangement of photo frames or artworks but nothing symmetrical about it. A very free spirit, it fills up the wall quickly and actually looks nice.

wall decorating ideas update 2022

Going back to square one, our next option is playing with shapes and vegetation. A natural or artificial plant can give a place the boost it needs. So, let's start with this hexagonal shape, which can perfectly be any shape.

Made of wood, very light, and I think they sell this in the stores. Let's put another one over here, then another, and we're creating some sort of pattern. So that later on, you can locate all your favorite plant pots with the most delicate plants. You can even play with the colors or the types of plants. And to finish this example, let's put a table over here with a vase and a flower arrangement.

You see, you need to think about composition. This wall is pretty long and rectangular so this means that your arrangement should extend the most it can, otherwise you'll feel it even bigger. And for a great composition, you should use at least two-thirds of the space in height. Don't cover the entire thing, and don't put just one object. You can see this in our next example of composition without touching the actual wall. Just with furniture.

apartment decor for wall ideas update 2022

This wall has enough space to be a reading area, so let's create one. Starting with a comfortable leather chair, then a table to put your books or snack. Then, let's illuminate the area with a nice floor lamp and of course, a plant that gives a comfortable ambiance. Reading areas are a great way to divide a space that is too big for its size.

Now, this time, I didn't cover the entire wall, just practically a corner, but it feels good because it starts really high, and continues decreasing its size. It's a transition that helps you not have to cover the entire thing.

What if you don't want a reading area and your space is a bit different or not as big as this example? Let's make another one.

ideas to decorate walls update 2022

Starting with a center table, long like the wall, located in the center. Let's add different decorating items to that wall, books, candles, a couple of photo frames or artwork leaning on the wall (no drilling required remember), and a vase on top of a book.

This covers one-third of the wall and feels like a limbo, so I'll add a group of three plant pots on the corner to cover one more third and it feels much better. You could add a floor lamp on the other side if this feels too empty.

ideas for a wall update 2022

This time, a very simple one, let's keep the center table, and this time, we'll use a big rounded mirror. Mirrors are great decorating items. With a copper or any metal frame, it needs a metal lamp and minimal decor items. A tall plant over here, so it reaches the mirror's height and it will look more balanced.

You don't have to put the whole store on a wall to make it feel decorated, just the right amount.

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