How To Decorate A Coffee Table?

How To Decorate A Coffee Table update 2022
Writen by Leland Haran | August 2, 2022

Today, I'm going to show you how to decorate a coffee table like a pro with examples! Were actually your case, and I'm not surprised since people have lives, children, pets, and work. It's no surprise that your coffee table is at the button of your priorities. It doesn't have to be like this forever.

Let's start by understanding your coffee table shape and material. This is super important. Round, squared, multiple surfaces, irregular shape, and if it is wood, glass, or a composite between wood and metal, and so on. Getting to know these aspects can give you the right clues on what to put on top.

round coffee table decorate update 2022

For example, this round coffee table made of wood and metal has strong and dark materials. So, with it comes light colors and soft textures. And, as it is round, try some organic shapes or similar to the shapes of the structure. So you see these dark brown and black on top, and some shiny gold, light wood material, and a transparent vase.

large round coffee table decorating ideas update 2022

So, how's our coffee table? Is it also rounded? Or squared? This example over here is totally different since the style is more minimalistic, and in this scenario, it doesn't need much to feel amazing. You could remove the magazines, and books and still achieve that wonderfulness. The interior design style here goes with a more simplistic look using only one object. The round big-sized light wood table has this round medium size dark wood or dark porcelain plate. And that's it!

Let me tell you another super important tip that is playing with the Odd numbers, 1, 3, 5, and 7. This means that aesthetically speaking, a composition will look better in odd numbers. So remember the next time you're doing your magic and it ends up in let's say two objects. Add another one over there and it will look so much better.

table style objects update 2022

At the end of the day, it always depends on the interior design style your place has, so this table will help a lot. For minimalist style use one object, for modern use 3, for transitional use 5, for traditional or maximalism, 7 or more.

And if the style you have is no reference at all, go with a safe bet, which is covering 1/3 of the space available. Doesn't matter if it is with one object, or 5, just get that 1/3 covered. Of course, you can mix things up a little bit, remember this is a basic guide, you can do what you think is best.

Now, I don't always recommend having these objects on a coffee table unless your style is having the minimum, since it is more common to have things you use on a coffee table or center tables, such as remote controls, Air conditioner controls, ashtrays, some cables if I don't know what and more little stuff that has to be somewhere!

There are two types of objects on a table, what you use and what decorate. There are some coffee tables that come with a few drawers or a second plane on the bottom. And if not, place every "non-pretty" thing on a decorative box with a lid or open tray, so it counts as one big item.

This next example is for a traditional style or similar where you can put and want to put more objects to feel it decorated. Here, it's a squared glass table with gold-like metal columns and also has a second plane to put stuff.

square glass coffee table decorating ideas update 2022

This one is very interesting because the color palette here is very light, the table is practically transparent and uses delicate and super glossy materials like glass, so our items must have the same character: elegant, they are organic, and colorful. So it breaks that monotony, and what is interesting is that they didn't put everything piled up in the center of the table. Instead, located 3 items. Odd number, and distributed in two corners and center of the table.

This, you can do. And it gives the place more freedom and movement, more with these irregular shapes. Here, they put like a bunch of books at the bottom, I'm guessing one of these boxes are for what you really use in this space. Maybe too many books? But look at this carefully, these dark items break that strong reflectivity the table has on top, and gives a darker background than just the same carpet beige.

So what about ours!? How do you start? What can you put on? Well, let's start with "heights". The heights are super important. I think, what really makes the difference. Set at least 3 heights. And try to keep everything between these 4 heights. Have as many objects as you like, but always 3 heights (unless of course you end up with only one object).

wood square coffee table ideas update 2022

So our first height is the tallest, generally some flowers, or branches, some people place busts or a statue. Not too high though, since you should be able to see the other person on the other side. You can place high plants if they're not bushy and mostly have little branches. The second height is for decorative vases, candles, and some statues too. The smaller height is for flat surfaces mostly: plates, books, flower baskets, or trays.

Generally to put stuff inside or on top. It's kind of sad to see books used for trays. Don't do this. I know it can get you the heights variations and all, but books are for reading.

Let's talk composition. Everything should look harmonized, and in its place. You don't have to put everything in the center. Truth is that these examples end up being too monotonous. Try locating objects on one side, and others on the other side. Keep trying this for a few rounds and you'll find your favorite distribution.

round wood coffee table minimalist update 2022

Last, set contrast. High or medium contrast. Don't do light wood objects on a light wood table or a glass vase with flowers on a glass table. You want to have different materials and tones. Contrast help the composition regulate. So you can have this all but light tone object on a corner, another low but dark object, and a middle tone, which equals regulated composition.

Try it out! Sometimes you just have to rotate an item or two to have it right. Coffee table styling is so fun since there are millions of options you can do.

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