Ikea Bathroom Sink Vanity

Ikea Bathroom Sink Vanity update 2022
Writen by Virgilio Heffner | September 22, 2022

Although they are a terrific place to start, using Ikea bathroom sink vanity creatively doesn't stop with door fronts and hardware. In fact, we have discovered an unconventional trend involving Ikea kitchen cabinets that we simply adore. Instead of using Ikea's Godmorgon and Hemnes lines, which are designed specifically for bathrooms, some of our creative clients are choosing to use the company's iconic Sektion line, which is often used for kitchens.

We adore this concept for a variety of reasons, including the fact that, if you have the space, the Sektion collection is roomier than other options and can be customized to your needs. Combining cabinets and drawers of different sizes is helpful for storing and organizing bathroom items, and our cache's limitless selection of fronts and finishes lets you get the look you want.

Ready to begin remodeling your bathroom? Ikea kitchen cabinets in the bathroom have been used in some of our favorite client projects, and we believe you'll adore the idea just as much as we do. For ideas, continue reading.

Leave it to fashionistas Emily Henderson and Samantha Gluck to run with this idea. This creative team combined cabinets and drawers for optimal storage in a stunning floating bathroom vanity with a Sektion base. The white door fronts maintain a classic look, while the wooden hardware gives a distinctive touch.

The master bathroom for this client is a model of streamlined modernity. They used our Tahoe impression doors from the roomy Sektion line to create a double vanity with drawers and cabinets, giving the otherwise dual-tone room a wood-toned touch. The straight black handles on this accent go perfectly with the other hardware in the bathroom, the black tile wall, and the light fixture.

This area shows that there are other options besides using the Godmorgon collection from Ikea, even if you prefer the design and use of straightforward drawers for your bathroom vanity. Our DIY Slab fronts painted in a soft beige color give this double sink setup by Terri Glanger a spa-like feel. The look is finished off by an eye-catching modern tub, and the brass fixtures and tile give it a sophisticated feel.

This customer really went above and beyond with their Sektion purchases to personalize this bathroom. They chose a small undermount sink to fit into the top drawer and had the boxes reduced in size to accommodate the available space. The marble top and shelf were made to order, while the bottom two drawers are used for storage. Our Tahoe drawer fronts' finish blends seamlessly with the room's black and white color scheme.

Yes, we know this is a laundry room, but just for a second, imagine that vanity in a master bathroom or even a shared kids' bathroom. For their fixer-upper job, our customer gave their Sektion bases a significant facelift by replacing them with our Supermatte Slab cabinet fronts in Juniper for doors and drawers, complimented with straightforward metallic hardware. Every room in the house is currently sporting a green theme, and the bathroom is no exception. In a bathroom environment, we'd replace the faucet with a smaller one, but the backsplash, white worktops, and choice of tiles are all ideal.

You need look no further than this client's renovation if you've ever wanted to make your master bathroom more like a spa. This remodel utilizes Sektion line bases to construct a mix of drawers (big and tiny) and roomy cabinets, demonstrating once again how fantastic Ikea kitchen cabinets are for bathroom storage. This client's piece, which has our textured Tahoe Impression door fronts, is enhanced with elegant lighting, dark hardware, and a stone countertop. The entire room motivates us to design a complete master bath retreat.

This customer has perfected the black-and-white aesthetic. This double-sink vanity design uses Ikea Sektion bases to create shelving, drawers, and cabinets that are ideal for storing towels and other bathroom supplies. It is elegantly finished with our traditional DIY Shaker Fronts in a bright white color. The chrome accents, stone finishes, and industrial touches in this room make it look great and make people want to be there.

Even though Ikea's reliable Godmorgon collection looks great and works well, we think the Sektion line is giving it a serious run for its money in the bathroom, especially when it comes to storage and customization options.

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