Ideas For Gray Bathroom Vanities: Functional And Elegant Designs

Grey Bathroom Vanity update 2022
Writen by Dewey Dagen | September 21, 2022

Ideas for grey bathroom vanities are stylish and useful additions to a bathroom. Vanity units in bathrooms combine one or more sinks with necessary storage space, a mirror, and occasionally lighting. However, because they are one of the largest pieces of furniture in the space, they can also have a significant visual impact, so it's important to consider color and design as well.

Gray is a practical choice for a bathroom vanity because it is a neutral color that works well with many other colors and looks good with both traditional and modern styles of decorating.

These designs will provide you with inspiration if you're looking for a bathroom vanity to go with your gray bathroom ideas or a neutral style to go with a bolder bathroom color choice.

Ideas for Gray Bathroom Vanities

There are several factors to consider when picking gray bathroom vanity ideas, including size, usefulness, shape, and the tone of gray that will complement the rest of the room.

Do you prefer a bathroom vanity with a statement-making style or one that blends in subtly? Do you need lots of storage, or are you hoping for an open-frame style that feels spacious and light? When creating a bathroom vanity, it's crucial to take into account all of these factors. To get you started, we've compiled a variety of gray bathroom vanity designs below.

Choose a traditional Shaker style

You can't go wrong with a traditional shaker design in a neutral shade like gray if you want a vanity unit that will last for years. Shaker vanity units' straightforward yet elegant appearance makes them suitable for bathrooms that are both traditional and modern. It has a classic aesthetic that won't date after ten years.

Bold pinks, teal, green, dark grey, or even black can be used to offer a contemporary touch since they can add drama and interest, especially when paired with pewter, brushed chrome, or brass knobs and brassware.

By Using A Dark Gray Bathroom Vanity As A Centerpiece

Restrooms that are all white or gray and white without the use of any other colors or textures. The choice of a black or dark grey vanity unit may seem daring, but in this case, the charcoal vanity unit, along with the black fixtures and fittings, helps to give the room depth and structure, while the beautiful marble bathroom floor and wall tiles add texture in place of color.

Maintain Brightness With A Light Gray Shirt

Painting a huge double vanity unit in your master bathroom a dark gray may be too imposing and cause the furniture to feel weighty and bulky. The choice of the softest of greys will increase the sense of space and create a light, positive atmosphere. To maximize the amount of light in the space, glossy marble surfaces, a marble bathroom countertop, and a huge bathroom mirror placed by the window all contributed.

Make It Seem Like Space

If you have a small bathroom, an open-frame vanity will help the room feel more open, as will picking a neutral color scheme of soft grays and whites like in this example. The natural wood counter top of this gray vanity and the shiplap wall paneling are both great ideas for a rural bathroom.

Make the Most of Your Storage With A Big Fitted Design

Making the most of the available space in a bathroom by choosing a bespoke vanity unit is a fantastic way to increase bathroom storage. This unit features drawers and cupboard space, keeping the rest of the surfaces clean. It has enough space for toiletries, make-up, cleaning supplies, and medicine. The large vanity in this room has been painted the same gray as the walls to help it blend in and make the room feel bigger.

For a sense of luxury, choose a design with metallic details

These custom gray vanity units from MH Costa Construction are real statement pieces that help add a refined and sophisticated vibe to this luxury bathroom by Finkernagel Ross. They combine sleek lines with reeded drawer fronts and brass trim.

This project is a wonderful example of how to balance materials and finishes. Rich oak flooring and sparkling brass fixtures provide a warm contrast to the gray and blue color palette. The painted Bute bath serves as the focal point of the room, while the custom vanities on either side create a feeling of balance.

Use Dark Gray And Light Gray To Create Contrast

Here, interior designer Tracy Morris combined a variety of various gray tones to produce a monochromatic bathroom that is anything but boring. Shape and structure are provided by a herringbone marble floor and a fitted shaker-style bathroom vanity, and depth is added by the use of two shades of gray and white highlights. The grey paint color can be enhanced by contrast. The dark shale cabinetry and white trim let the walls express their own flair.

We were aware that the tile would steal the show in this bathroom. Its combination of Bardiglio, Thassos, and mother-of-pearl is brought together in a herringbone pattern, which definitely attracts your eye. The designer chose Silver Chain by Benjamin Moore for the walls because "we wanted a paint hue that brought all these tones together without competing in the room," she continues.

Add Texture to Your Wood

It's crucial to include texture to help bring life and intrigue because gray bathrooms run the risk of looking clinical and chilly. Instead of using color, this bathroom focuses on natural elements like a grey wood vanity unit with grain and marble wall tiles with veins.

Don't be scared to blend materials while decorating places that are neutral in color. The best way to display timber is with natural stones.

Select a gray raised vanity to highlight a tiled floor

The best way to give a bathroom flair is with a feature floor made of patterned bathroom floor tiles. If you're considering getting one, think about getting a vanity unit that floats or one with legs so the floor can shine.

The plain gray vanity in this bathroom, which has a veined marble top, helps balance the pattern on the floor in a subtle way. It also continues the idea of pattern and texture that the toile wallpaper in the bedroom started.

Asymetrical designs can make a statement in architecture

This compact vanity adds a modern touch to the room with its solitary sink on the right and one simple, sleek black handle on the far right drawer. Practically, only having one sink offers lots of countertop space, which is ideal for storage or use as a vanity.

Make a Vanity Unit Out of a Vintage Table

Upcycling an old piece of furniture into a vanity unit can be a wonderful substitute for an expensive new item if you're renovating a bathroom on a tight budget without sacrificing character. It also reduces waste. It's a wonderful suggestion for anyone who enjoys vintage-style home design.

Here, an old console table has been turned into a beautiful display piece by adding a pedestal basin, painting it a deep charcoal color, and adding brass draw handles.

What Bathroom Colors Go With Gray?

The benefit of selecting a gray color scheme for a bathroom is that it pairs well with the majority of other colors on the color wheel.

Grey is a hue that we love to employ in our designs since it is so adaptable. It is available in a wide variety of colors, from cool, smokey grey to dark charcoal, that look great on furniture, curtains, wall coverings, and more. Grey can also make a room that has too many bright colors and patterns look less busy and more neutral.

Gray may go well with various hues, from soft pink to vivid blue, but it is frequently paired with black and white as part of minimalist bathroom designs. According to BC Designs' creative director, Barrie Cutchie, gray and yellow go together beautifully.

Gray and yellow were chosen by Pantone as the year's colors, and with good reason. They made it very apparent that they were sending "a message of strength and hopefulness" as a group.

Instead of utilizing solid block colors, combine a pastel yellow boat bath with patterned grey tiles that have white undertones. The white that is mixed together with the gray and yellow highlights both colors without overpowering either.

If you're looking for a color to go with grey in a bathroom, choosing a warmer shade will prevent the grey from feeling frigid, while wood accents and plants will breathe life and warmth into the area.

Do bathroom cabinets need to be lighter or darker than the walls?

Depending on the style you want to achieve, you may want to select bathroom cabinets that are lighter or darker than your walls. Choosing a darker cabinet or vanity can be a smart way to establish a focal point and serve as a grounding feature in a bathroom that has white or light walls, which is common.

A cabinet that matches the color of your walls can help it blend in and provide the impression of more room. As an alternative, you can make a beautiful design by putting bright cabinets or vanities next to dark walls.

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