How To Decorate A Guest Bathroom?

1 Guest Bathroom Decor update 2022
Writen by Marion Atienza | August 3, 2022

Today, we'll focus on how to decorate a guest bathroom! More specifically, our top 10 bathroom decor ideas that also work for rented space! So, let's start right away!

Same Dispenser Style

guest bathroom decor ideas update 2022

Setting the same dispenser language or the same type of vase. These talks volumes. This is a way of telling the person that you do care about how you want things to look. So, set up the lotion and hand soap with the same type of dispenser with their labels and closer together. Soap of course it's necessary, but lotion? The lotion is courtesy. You are caring for your visitors! Get rid of that old plastic dispenser it always comes with, and buy some not necessarily expensive dispensers, as long as they set up the tone of the style you want to achieve.

Change Hardware or Handles

guest bathroom decorating update 2022

Next, changing up the hardware or handles. Some rented apartments come with these old and boring handles that sometimes have lost their colors and make the place look old too. Changing up the handles for some modern or ornate ones can boost that look into what you really like. If it is a rented space, this is a great option since you can just uninstall the original ones, and later on when you leave, just put them back again. Just make sure the new ones have the same size or the same distance from the points where it is screwed.


mirrors guest bathroom decorating ideas update 2022

Number 8 is placing mirrors. Big mirrors that cover at least your head and shoulders. Preferably frameless. I hate those mini mirrors that don't even cover half of my face or are too high. Place them at the right height, please! Mirrors tend to create this illusion of a bigger space, and bathrooms always need this trick.

Illumination Features

illumination features guest bathroom decor ideas update 2022

Placing or replacing the illumination features. Bathrooms need a lot of light. White light. Some bathrooms only have this lifeless bulb up in the ceiling that just illuminates the entire thing. But for decoration, placing a hanging lamp or wall lamp in the sink area can achieve this wonderful look. This could be for courtesy lighting or one that is used specifically for when you really need to see clearly.

Flowers or Plants

decorate guest bathroom with flowers update 2022

Doesn't matter if they're artificial or natural plants. I mean, of course, naturals are a great option but I understand that some bathrooms don't have enough natural light coming in, and for flowers, I mean details: colors. Some orchids or other plants look delicate but not too dangerous like cactus. Remember, you're inviting someone in. It needs to be a pleasant time, so place that vase with beautiful flowers in the sink area or on some shelves, or even on the back of the toilet.

Scented Candles

how to decorate a guest bathroom with candles update 2022

I know, some of them are, super tiny, and sometimes they are just a jar, but you need to see the big picture. They set up a mood and illumination. You can put incense too if you don't like candles. Just be careful with the whole smoke thing because it can be annoying if you're in the room. You can spray the area with some artificial scent but I do prefer candles. There are so many different scents you can choose from, so don't be afraid and try this one out!

Plumbing Fixtures

plumbing fixtures bathroom update 2022

Changing the plumbing fixtures according to the style you want. The shower head, faucets, towel handles, and more are a perfect way to make a difference. People notice these things. They touch them. Sometimes, it catches their attention and appreciates them. It's like saying nice. I love that feeling. If it is a rented space, you can also do the hardware technique, and reinstall them whenever you'll leave.


how to decorate my guest bathroom shelves update 2022

Setting up shelves! Shelves on top of toilets, or sometimes bathrooms have this wasted corner or weird shape that you could just place some shelves in that area. Shelves in bathrooms are so useful, you have no idea. Not only for women, I mean, but guys also have a lot of things, and keeping everything in a cabinet is not always enough. And if so, shelves are great decorative options. So if you don't want to put some personal things everyone could look at, you could place some artworks or rolled towels, your flowers, you name it. And if you can't touch or perforate any walls, you can get those stair-like shelves that you can put on top of the toilet.


how to decorate a small guest bathroom organizers update 2022

Keeping organizers of the same style. Aka, keeping everything tidy. One thing is true, the less personal things you show, the better. So this means that you won't be having a lot of things so you can easily keep everything clean and organized. You can achieve this with some baskets on a few shelves or below the sink, where you put basically everything. Your blower, hair iron, creams, makeup, brushes, and anything you're thinking of right now.

If it is your personal bathroom where you're the only one entering, then it's fine, keep your daily products on the sink, maybe in a tray, but if it is the guest bathroom, please keep it tidy.

Guest Bathroom Tray

how to decorate a guest bathroom tray update 2022

And last our tip is placing up a guest bathroom tray. This, I love, is in the guest bathroom. Again, a way of caring for your visitors. In this tray, be careful not to make it look like a market basket. Get those transparent vases to place swabs on one, cotton on another, some lotion or rolled towels, or a plant. Make sure you have 3 heights in total. Plants are the highest, later the cotton vases or things like that, and last some rolled hand towels.

This is the ultimate decor tip for bathrooms. Guest bathrooms are so easy to decorate. They don't need much. Just think of yourself as a visit to your own house and think, what are you offering me, how can you make me feel better in your place and you'll see that you can always make an improvement. Small improvements if you like, but you will make life easier.

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