Hammered Bathroom Sink

Hammered Bathroom Sink update 2022
Writen by Marion Atienza | September 26, 2022

For many of us, the typical fixtures found in houses simply lack the design that we desire. Because, let's face it, although white porcelain is attractive, it lacks flavor. To each his or her own!That is the beauty of house ownership: the ability to design it to your own taste. And while some prefer white fixtures and white walls, others prefer color and distinctive materials. For example, we love hammered bathroom sink, which are usually made by hand and from copper that has already been used.

You can get these copper sinks for any room in your home, including the kitchen and bathroom, which are the most frequented. Because the finest hammered copper sinks are handcrafted, each is distinct in terms of size, hue, and texture. No two are identical, so you will have a one-of-a-kind piece in your bathroom or kitchen. Of course, this also implies that you should wait to take installation measurements until you have the sink in hand! There is no point in cutting a hole that may be a little too large.

The Honey Comb Round Double Wall Vessel Copper Sink, in an antique golden patina finish, is a beautiful example of hammered copper sinks from the MexicanTiles.com collection of bathroom and kitchen sinks. These 16 gauge copper bathroom sinks, handcrafted by expert coppersmiths over an open forge, are an exquisite example of recycling at its finest! This website also offers complementary bathroom accessories, such as hammered copper tiles and switch plate covers. You can choose from a variety of finishes to complement the finish on your sink and the bathroom's overall color scheme.

Depending on the size, the price of these sinks could range from $600 for a small bathroom sink to $1,275 for a double kitchen sink. This is an average price for sinks, which means you can purchase a lovely copper sink with a hammered finish for the same amount. Most importantly, A lot of places that sell these unique sinks offer free shipping, so the price you pay for the sink is the only cost you'll have. 

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