Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity update 2022
Writen by Dewey Dagen | September 20, 2022

I gave very serious thought to purchasing a brand-new farmhouse bathroom vanity while we were planning the renovation. The current one has just one sink, despite being fairly big. We debated whether to purchase one versus construct one, whether to have a double sink versus eliminating it, a new design, etc., but ultimately came to the conclusion that we couldn't quite fit it in the budget this time. Instead of starting from scratch or building, I carried out a small, inexpensive renovation.

Before deciding on the makeover, I did a ton of research on new vanities, so I figured it could be useful to share them with you in case you're looking! All of these vanities match the atmosphere of the modern farmhouse style that I chose for the bathroom renovation. I hope it is beneficial!

A Small Farmhouse Vanity for the Bathroom

These are a little smaller than our vanity, but for a long time we thought about getting a smaller one. The huge vanity takes up a lot of the limited available space in the bathroom.

Medium Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

These are precisely the same size as our vanity and were perhaps the subject of my most extensive investigation. Each of these options would have been ideal and significantly improved the room. Possibly next time! For the makeover, I drew inspiration from the "Riverdale" vanity.

A Large Farmhouse Vanity

This falls under the "goals" category more so. We tried to find a method to accommodate a double sink vanity in the bathroom by measuring repeatedly, but there is simply not enough room. Our future house will undoubtedly have a double sink, and I ADORE all of these! They are somewhat wider than the medium-size vanities but otherwise identical.

Keep an eye out for the DIY bathroom vanity makeover heading your way if you're trying to keep things a little more affordable while using your current vanity. If you want a quick peek, I saved the entire procedure to my Instagram highlights.

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