Bring Coco Chanel's To Your Bathroom

Elegant Modern Bathroom Design Idea update 2022
Writen by Deloris Dahlquist | October 2, 2022

The legendary French designer and queen of haute couture, Coco Chanel, once remarked that a woman should look both refined and magnificent. When it comes to bathroom decor, we have similar opinions! Elegant bathrooms should not be the exclusive domain of the wealthy and well-known or restricted to the pages of opulent publications or high-budget motion pictures. Coco Chanel demonstrated to the world that it is possible to be rich yet approachable and playful, as well as cozy yet glamorous. Consider taking design cues from the fashion icon as you create your private haven of calm luxury in your bathroom. Considering all that she has given us, including the "little black dress," costume jewelry, and bell bottoms.

The Secret to Effortless Style is Moderation

Chanel, a pioneer of casual elegance, argued that luxury is not the antithesis of poverty but vulgarity and that elegance comes from balance rather than excess. Chanel's innovative "little black dress" is the epitome of this ideology. On the cover of Vogue in 1926, Chanel unveiled the dress design that would soon become famous throughout the world. People could buy the clothes because they were simple and cheap, but the bold use of black, a color that was once associated with sadness and poverty, changed fashion forever.

Adopting Chanel's motto of effortless elegance, create a clean, minimalist style for your bathroom. Keep the cabinetry's lines straight and uncluttered by placing a single twin cabinet beneath the sink or installing a pair of them on either side of it. If you desire a cozy, rich atmosphere, use a wood finish; if you prefer something more modern, choose a solid hue. To add a touch of class, install two sinks next to each other along a long, sweeping countertop.

Lighter but classier

Replace dim, yellow bulbs with sparkling ceiling lights, elegant wall sconces to surround the bathroom mirror, or even a small table lamp for a mid-level layer of lighting, in place of harsh, white tube lights. The French style of design is known for its understated luxury, which comes from following the basic rule that "less is more."

Chanel's characteristic accessories, including opulent belts, chic caps, and tiered ropes of enormous pearls, perfectly contrasted with the little black dress' stark simplicity. Similarly, opulent bathroom items may amp up the glitz. Consider your mirror a work of art and choose a striking frame to make it the focal point of the room. Select a frame with a gilt border or one with elaborate foliation. If you like something more subdued yet attractive, choose ceramic or wood finishes for your frames. Another way to spruce up your bathroom is to install a posh sink. Unusual shapes and styles, such as pedestals, glass, or bowl-shaped sinks, can do wonders to amp up the oomph. Do you possess a window that allows a lot of light to enter? Place your sink next to a window, and hang the mirror on the wall across from it to draw attention to it. Make a statement with your cabinet hardware by adding statement knobs or pulls.

Glory Is All That Glitters

Chanel's signature style was flashy as well as strategically striking. Costume jewelry was first introduced by Chanel about a century ago, and jewelry was a crucial part of her style statement. The fashion icon demonstrated to us that all that glitters is glamour with her dazzling gold-rimmed bracelets, large enameled pieces, gold chained purses, and elaborate brooches. By adding glistening metals, highly polished surfaces, and gold flourishes to your bathroom, you can equally express your love of all things dazzling. Put attractive alternatives made of gleaming gold, polished brass, pewter, nickel, or English bronze in their place instead of monotonous chrome hardware. Your cabinets' full mirror panels might emphasize a metallic sheeny appearance even more. All of this was done to produce exquisite bathroom designs.

Don't forget to keep your bathroom simple and practical when designing it. The French incorporate lifestyle into the design of their rooms. Building custom nooks for bathroom supplies not only looks good but also provides much-needed housing for necessities. Distribute light equally around the room to create the ideal mood, but give priority to work areas like the sink counter and cupboards. Chanel's designs were successful despite their audacious statements of fashion and style because they were useful and comfy. When she initially entered the scene in the 1920s, women's clothing was constricting and uncomfortable due to tightly fitted corsets. By providing gowns made of jersey fabric that draped elegantly and gently, Chanel freed women. She continued by introducing the Chanel suit, which drew design cues from casual menswear and sportswear. Her utility and simplicity allowed women to be fashionable and independent. The same is true with simple bathroom designs.

Fashion Adapts, but Style Survives

Chanel's refusal to adopt any trends and her conviction that, while fashion might change, style endures, set her apart from her peers. Chanel had a unique sense of style since she was a confident individual. Whether it was design, fashion, business, or personal decisions, she had confidence in all of them. Your bathroom design should reflect your personality and confidence. You can completely alter the appearance by combining and contrasting ornamental tiles. For some edgy character, pick from a variety of glass, stone, ceramic, and metallic tiles in different shapes and sizes. Ceramic tiles are available in a variety of styles and can even be customized to your preferences. If you're on a tight budget, save these expensive custom options for a border or to emphasize a mirror. Or, to make your walls look even more interesting, put them up in what looks like a random pattern.

This concludes our list of suggestions for designing a posh bathroom in the French-chic, Chanel-inspired style. So go ahead and order a complete remodel or make thoughtful changes to one of your home's most significant rooms. There are many options you can select from to give your bathroom a sense of peaceful opulence, including marble or tiles with character, luxurious finishes, custom construction, indulgent lighting, attractive sinks, and accessories. Chanel demonstrated to the world that being gorgeous does not require wealth. All you have to do is be different. Be relaxed, sensible, flashy, and effortless. Declare something that only you can declare. We sincerely hope that our tasteful bathroom designs have piqued your interest. Now, go out and be glam and stylish!

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