Best 22 Inch Bathroom Vanity 2020

22 Inch Bathroom Vanty update 2022
Writen by Ramon Bast | September 23, 2022

A new 22-inch bathroom vanity may easily update the appearance of any bathroom in your house. By using these bathroom vanity measurement guidelines, you may choose the ideal vanity size for a modest powder room, a lavish master bathroom, and everything in between. It will be easier for you to select the bathroom vanities that are the perfect fit for your area if you can quickly respond to a few questions.

You must first evaluate how much space you have for the new component in your bathroom before choosing the right vanity for the area. Before you go shopping for a bathroom vanity, make sure you know the exact width, depth, and height of the space you have set aside for it.

Eviva Acclaim White 22-inch Bathroom Vanity With a Single Sink

This bathroom vanity's material accentuates both quality and appearance: solid wood offers both a high level of durability and a specialized ornamental appearance. Because of this, we chose a wooden vanity for the bathroom. High-quality solid wood is used in the construction of this transitional bathroom vanity. It goes through a 12-stage process of sanding, painting, and finishing. By doing this, you can be sure that the bathroom vanity will be as durable, water-resistant, and attractive as possible.

Finishing that is safe and effective It is simple to obtain water-resistant vanities, but it is difficult to find water-resistant vanities that are free of dangerous substances. Because of this, the Eviva Transitional Vanity has a low VOC sealed polyurethane finish. The greatest polyurethane material is able to properly withstand water damage without producing any hazardous volatile organic compounds. It is safe for the environment and your health because it doesn't give off dangerous fumes like other finishing materials do.

Large Storage for All of Your Bathroom Items: This bathroom vanity gives you the most storage capacity without taking up a lot of room in your bathroom. It contains two shelves, six drawers, and two doors. Fully-extending under-mount drawer slides are what create more storage space. This feature allows you to fully open each vanity cabinet drawer so you can access the stuff at the rear without worrying about the drawer tumbling to the floor.

The vanity's white Carrara marble surface makes it the perfect addition to your bathroom. The white Carrara marble's exquisite compatibility with cabinetry hues gives your bathroom the opulent appearance you want. Carrara marble is a soft stone that is pleasant to the touch and attractive to the eye. It's a decorating trend that never goes out of style and goes with most styles you might want to use.

Closed bathroom vanity hinges to reduce noise and durability issues caused by frequently slammed drawers and doors. Soft-close hinges are used to hold this sink vanity so that drawers and doors close quietly and quietly. In this way, the bathroom vanity is significantly safer because the fast shutting causes no more damage to the figures. Additionally, it makes your vanity cabin more durable, lasts longer, and avoids you from hearing the unpleasant sounds of slammed doors and drawers.

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